International Conference on Sculptured Thin Films

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GLAD 2018 is an international conference focused on nanostructured thin films grown by physical vapor deposition techniques. It brings out cutting-edge developments in the domain of materials as well as biological sciences. It will cover several thematic topics in the field of thin film science and technology and various applications. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss recent advances in field of fabrication and applications of sculptured thin films. The purpose of this conference is to provide a potential platform for several luminaries from the academia, research institutes, industrial leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world. It also provides an opportunity for the enthusiastic researchers and students from within the country and abroad to keep pace with the latest research in the field. We encourage the scientists, faculty members, research associates, post-doctoral fellows and Ph. D. students from all over the world to participate actively.
The conference topics are:
Thin films
Carbon nanotubes and graphene
Energy materials
Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

Convener: Prof. J. P. Singh
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India

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